Decode Resolvency International



Support Services to Insolvency Professionals, who are Partners of Decode Resolvency International Private Limited

Decode provides support services to its partners who are also Insolvency Professionals and are empanelled with leading banks and financial institutions. As an Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE) we assist them in carrying out various assignments where they may be appointed, including their appointment as:

  • Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) in the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) of any Corporate Debtor (CD)
  • Resolution Professional in the CIRP of any Corporate Debtor
  • Liquidator in the Liquidation Process of any Corporate Debtor (CD)
  • Liquidator in the process of Voluntary Liquidation of a Corporate Debtor under section 59 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC)
  • Resolution Professional in Fresh Start Process under Chapter II of the IBC, 2016
  • Resolution Professional in Insolvency Resolution Process of Individuals, Proprietorship
  • Concerns and Partnership Firms under Chapter III of the IBC, 2016
  • Bankruptcy Trustee in the Bankruptcy process of any Individual or Partnership Firm

Our Service offerings

Our team at Decode has expertise in providing 360 0 solution mechanism towards all possible aspects involved in an IRP process. We help corporate entities, banks, financial institutions, bondholders, other financial lenders and stakeholders to govern the financial viability of companies that are facing financial grief and are on the brink of bankruptcy.


For efficient handling of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process various teams like the claim verification team, ERP team, legal & finance team and others extend support services. The Chief Restructuring Officers (CRO) who is also an IBC expert, along with the appointed RP/IRP analyze the commercial realities and formulate a relevant resolution plan to transform the business environment to revive and turnaround such entities. We take over control and custody of the corporate debtor and conduct an independent business review. We facilitate the induction of strategic processes to control leakages and enhance cash flow management resulting to profit improvement. The success of any CIRP lies in resolving the case by finding a successful Resolution Applicant (RA) who could offer optimum value to stakeholders and would keep the corporate debtor as a going concern. The team helps in implementing the growth plans and work in close alliance with the RP to provide end to end support like preparing of information memorandum (IM) to the entire process of shortlisting the prospective Resolution Applicants (RA) for the approval of Committee of Creditors (CoC).


The team has experience of conducting liquidations of insolvent companies and implement strategies to recover funds from sale of tangible and intangible assets expeditiously. The team appoint professionals such as registered valuers for valuation of the assets of the corporate debtor; auditors for receipt and payment account, brokers for the sale of assets and even for selling the corporate debtor as going concern. We implement realization strategies, initiate recovery measures and conduct the entire e-auction process for sale of assets. Our deliverables includes assistance for preparation of e-auction document, maintaining the virtual data room, verify eligibility of bidder under section 29A, and provide documents for receipt and examination of bids. The team is also responsible for issuing the letter of intent and sale certificate and allocates funds for distribution amongst creditors and other stakeholders.

The Decode Way

Our Competencies lead to successful resolution

  • Preserve the asset value and prevent any further degradation
  • We undertake accurate Brand management steps
  • Assessment of regulatory compliance
  • Immediate diligence for enabling prospective resolution applicants to get real and fair value
  • Run the process in a time-bound manner by deploying adequate restructuring professionals
  • Ability to stitch together multi-party transactions in accordance with provisions of I&B Code
  • Thorough exposure to multiple industry, with micro analysis to its reporting and compliance requirement
  • Detailed understanding of the operational statutory requirement and union culture
  • Networking advantage for reaching out to potential buyers/investors both globally and locally
  • Critical would be to determine the right eligibility criteria to attract potential buyers